Plantation shutters in Australia

Plantation shutters are gaining popularity all across the globe and Australia is no exception. Generally these shutters come in 3.5”to 4.5”in size. Few shutters also go till 5.5”and these are called Californian shutters.

The variety of material used and the purpose differs from each country and city. Some places are warm throughout the year, few are always cold it is the best value in Sydney. Few have both the weather, depending upon this factor we need to choose the best one based on durability.

Australia being among one of the seven continents enjoys a mild warm weather all throughout the year, except in certain parts which observe rainfall and cold weather. Provided such a great weather, decorating your homes with beautiful timber plantation shutters can be easy to maintain as well.

So let’s see the type of plantation shutters available for this type of region.

Regular plantation shutters: they are regular shutters, either made of wood or other materials, but crafted specially to suit the needs of this particular location.

Interior shutters: these are specialized shutters made to meet the interior needs of the place, like window shutters, panel screens, kitchen shutters etc.

Alfresco Blinds: these shutters or blinds are specialized to give the place a cooler effect from the hot sun outside. Such shutters are suitable for cafes, channel guides, resorts where the outside heat can be just left outside.

With so many choices, you only need to pick one that suits you best!